Nr 16 (1980:4)

Arbetarhistoria nr 016


XIth IALHI Conference 2-4 September 1980 in Stockholm; Sverige under andra världskriget; Fältarbete på fackförbund; Gräv där du står


Ledare 1
Programme 2
Delegates 4
Agenda 5
Opening address / Gunnar Nilsson 6
Minutes, including Secretary´s report 1970-1980 /
Irene Wagner 8

The research project Sweden during the Second World War (SUAV)

A presentation / Stig Ekman 16

Strategic research problems of SUAV / Stig Ekman 18

The Swedish Communist Party 1939-1945 / Yvonne Hirdman 23

The foreign policy of Sweden during the Second World War and the Social Democratic Party Elite. Some notes concerning the source material / Alf W. Johansson 26

Military material concerning communist activities during the Second World War / Karl Molin 29

Archival field work with trade union federations

Field work with a trade union federation. Records management / Eva Karlsson 32

The archives of the Swedish Trade Union Confederation / Sven Bodin 35

The documentation of the Swedish labour movement / Lars Wessman 37

Welcome speech at the Party dinner for IALHI / Olof Palme 40

Dig where you stand

Dig where you stand / Sven Lindqvist 42

Automation - a threat or a promise? Past, present and future, A Dig-where-you-stand study circle exhibition / Karl-Åke Persson 48

Working on interviews at the Labour Movement Archives in Stockholm / Klaus Misgeld 51