Abstracts for issue no 140

10 års hemmelige samtaler i den kolde krigs skygge. Aksel Larsen, CIA og Sverige / Peer Henrik Hansen

ABSTRACT For more than ten years the former chairman of the Danish Communist Party (DKP), Aksel Larsen, secretly met with representatives of the CIA in Denmark. During these frequent meetings Larsen informed the CIA about developments on the European left and within the Scandinavian communist parties. The contact between Larsen and CIA was established through a secret illegal operation where the chairman of the communist party Alfred Jensen was bugged. Through this operation Danish and US intelligence circles discovered that Larsen had lost his position within the party and that he was perhaps recruitable by the CIA. For ten years from November 1958 he secretly met with the CIA and handed information over to them. It was through this connection to Larsen that the CIA was informed about developments on the Swedish political scene in the 1960’s. Larsen was seen as a potential threat by Swedish intelligence services because of his active work to establish alternative socialist parties in Denmark and Norway.

Publicerad: 22 mars 2012
Uppdaterad: 22 mars 2012